Rolex submariner clone

Rolex submariner clone watches (au1613) log type II is a member of the family of Rolex submariner clone watches oyster type, inherited 1945 oyster type constant operation log type wrist watch, the characteristics of log type II made its debut in 2009, is the first choice for people adores timeless pursuit of innovation. This reliever of the classic Rolex submariner clone watches has its own charm and dignity.
Today, we bring you a Rolex submariner clone watches type II watch. The original official model is 116334.
Log wrist watch is one type of watch of wrist of modern classic, is the world’s first “mei on the dial with a calendar display window waterproof, automatic chain on the wrist, this was an incomparable technical innovation, log type and hence the name.
The EW factory is taking a look at the current trend, and the clip-on of this model is the 116334 journal-type watch