The constant oxidation of the old bronze Replica Rolex

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Say want to write this bronze watch and indeed it was an accident, in one day to see rich arts this year in Hong Kong auction of Replica Rolexes, see a few very “special” watch, their oxidation occurred after many years the dial “color”, added to the wrist Replica Rolex is very distinct personality characteristics. Because oxidation produces discoloration? It’s interesting that this phenomenon is common in wristReplica Rolexes, and it seems that everything is oxidized, which is a little bit rusty. A watch, the most closely relationship with the wearer’s the material of the Replica Rolex case, of course, about the material of Replica Rolex, with a normal metal materials, and advanced ceramics, such as carbon fiber, but playing watch to a certain level, the material of the watch and can’t let brother Replica Rolex friends interested, they seek more to do with the Replica Rolex the interaction between feeling, such as hand to create a unique Replica Rolex, can satisfy the requirement of this kind of information are fan is bronze watch.
Ancient Chinese bronzes
Talk about bronze watch, should speak of from the bronze, of course, when I know nothing about bronze tabulation, speaking of bronze, I can think of is the ancient Chinese bronze ware, like four sheep side square and the sons of the warring states period, bronze statue copper plate, is an important symbol of human civilization. This is three elements lead, copper, tin alloy, because of its color, so the name of bronze, its melting point between 700-900 ℃, than the low melting point of copper, containing 10% of tin bronze hardness is 4.7 times that of copper in good performance. Because the hardness of bronze alloy is more than twice as high as copper or tin, it is very suiwatch for use in navigation or outdoor public facilities. Around 1845, bronze was widely used in railway construction, Bridges and buildings. In the early days of navigation, there was no stainless steel, and bronze with excellent corrosion resistance became the first choice for shipbuilding materials, so many people mentioned the sea when they talked about bronze.
If bronze is a kind of the material of making things, not bad, it and other common materials and its magic is as time, temperature and air, the environment, living habits and so on factors to produce different degree of change, copper oxidized extremely easily, in use process will be stained with a layer of light green color also will continue to deepen, so made Replica Rolexcase bronze wrist Replica Rolex because of oxidation will become unique, once it is a disadvantage, but was eventually some idea of the brand, has become a selling point. But so far the bronze has not been widely used on the wristReplica Rolex, and only a few brands have produced bronze Replica Rolexes. Such material characteristics result in the two polarization of the bronze Replica Rolexes by the Replica Rolex players, which may be one of the reasons that the bronze forms can only be reduced to the niche market.
The bronze Replica Rolex first appeared around 1870, because they were more affordable than the gold Replica Rolexes, so the price of the offer allowed ordinary people to wear Replica Rolexes. The popularity of bronze Replica Rolexes in recent years can be seen, no matter the brand size, the Replica Rolexes of bronze materials are introduced. Due to the nature of bronze oxidation discoloration, each unique to a bronze watch can be brewed vicissitudes of colour and lustre, wearing habits and the environment and each person is different, so many years later it presents what is unknown. Some may have been worn for decades, carefully maintained, or polished as new, but others have been wearing rusty stains for a year or two. In the end, what style the bronze watch will present depends on how the host raises it. The charm of the bronze Replica Rolex is that the wearer sees it differently at different times of the day. But generally bronze watch bottom cover will not use copper to make, because of the need to direct contact with the skin, to avoid oxidation layer on the wearer’s skin produce allergic reaction, also easy to dirty, so the bottom cover basic it is made of steel or titanium.
The first brand to do bronze watch is jie ROM, design a genius Gerald Genta masters in 1988 launched the first paragraph of bronze in Gefica wrist once into a topic, but did not form at that time, after the brand was incorporated into bulgari’s, launched in 2007 and the same with bronze material to reinterpret Gefica Safari series, the special material is a bit more attention. Gefica was inspired by the African safari tour of geoff Roy, Fissore and Canali, and took the first two letters of the first two letters of the family name to name the Gefica.
And Gefica Safari retains the bronze surface and the classic design elements, such as the metal particles embedded in the case and the crown, and the color of the earth color shows the natural vitality of the African continent. Although the bronze material so far in the use of clock and Replica Rolex industry is still not widely, but because the metal characteristics of personalized appearance change, plus each brand for this kind of material has its own unique interpretation method, for love bronze material horological collector, the existence of these bronze watch is the most appeal.
Pei na sea PAM382
Pei na sea PAM382
Pei na sea bronze watch compared with other brands is more popular, also can saying is the trend of pei na and bronze watch kelp, bronze watch for collection are beginning to pay attention to work. When bronze came across the panahai sea, it was an absolute shock. The first bronze wristReplica Rolex was released in 2011, and the PAM382 in the hands of stallone was on display with the release of the expendables. At that time, the panahai 382 was a difficult one, with a global limit of 1,000 yuan, and people who had seen it were few and far between, and it was definitely a heavy flavor poison.
Pei na sea PAM507
Pei na sea PAM507
Launched in 2013, the similarity between 507 and 382, the only difference is also much more on the dial 507 a dynamic display window, dial the green color, look younger, do old technology give a person a kind of rapid retro feeling. Have to say is, I feel very interesting slant green dial, the chance of this color is applied on the dial is not much, if you are considering the bronze with verdigris inseparable relationship, the green dial is a correct match.
The universal “Darwin adventure tour” special edition of the IW379503 bronze wristReplica Rolex
The nations launch bronze wrist Replica Rolex is supposed to be a lot of people thought, was launched in 2014, the first Replica Rolex of wrist of bronze – Marine chronometer Replica Rolex “Darwin adventure” special edition, choose high-tech bronze material is copper alloy, rigidity and hardness are higher than pure copper, and resistance to wear, is the perfect material manufacturing watch diving Replica Rolexes and exploration.
Wrist Replica Rolex with black yellow mass-tone, many people begin to see this Replica Rolex FanJin luster will thought it was gold, only it is an exception, but with the passage of time, after the copper oxide, the color of the Replica Rolex case or will be more and more deep, present a kind of warm bronze, give a person a kind of of primitive simplicity of texture. This kind of warm color bronze as fluorescent colour also appear in the pointer on the scale, time scale and rotation of the inner ring, with a black rubber strap, without the feeling of restoring ancient ways with the bronze watch, but much a fashion sense.
This watch called Darwin’s adventure, because in the era of Darwin, bronze is generally used in shipbuilding, the adventure on the Galapagos islands Darwin gathered a large number of valuable data, laid the foundation of the theory of the origin of species, and the Marine chronometer Replica Rolex is of celebration of the great natural scientists. The top of the wristReplica Rolex is also engraved with Darwin’s head, which is a memorial, but there is no limit to production, which is good news for friends who like it.
The tiller Heritage Black Bay Bronze Replica Rolex
Emperor rudder diving Replica Rolexes have been restoring ancient ways is popular, Basel exhibition on the watch in 2016, emperor rudder launched a bronze version, the bronze divers Replica Rolex bezel, belts, face plate is red brown department, warm yellow aluminum-copper alloy Replica Rolexcase reconstructed the ancient ships and other diving equipment use bronze material aesthetics. The pattern of the spiny rosebush carved on the large crown has been made more apparent since 1958. Emperor rudder this color with a patina bronze watch assembly case, is composed of high performance aluminum bronze alloy casting, and adopted the grind arenaceous, look have a kind of special aesthetic feeling, so also is very popular at that time a wrist Replica Rolex.
Howley’s ORIS Carl Brashear limited diving Replica Rolex
Is diving Replica Rolexes also do good with Holly for copper sheet, the Carl Brashear limited diving Replica Rolexes are brand first bronze medal watch, it is also in order to commemorate the birth of the United States naval history first African-American diving legendary life long Carl Brashear, set limit to 2000. The design inspiration of this watch is the result of the 1950 s deep diving helmet, copper in Carl Brashear, divers must wear helmets dive deep sea diving equipment, such as copper so bronze material to build the diving Replica Rolexes are very memorable.
Bronze was originally bright and lustrous, after reaction with oxygen and water vapor will gradually dim, this means that as time goes on, the Replica Rolex of wrist of 2000 limited edition will produce different verdigris, eventually become the unique one. In order to wear comforwatch and avoid direct contact with the skin sweat oxidation, the base is made of stainless steel, with the design of early deep-sea diving helmet in the center, the object of this Replica Rolex is emphasized again. The inside of the navy cord around the helmet pattern is Carl Brashear’s quote: “It’s not a sin to get knocked down, It’s a sin to stay down.”
The Pilot Type 20 Extra Special
Above, we mentioned that most of the bronze was used for diving watchs, while the true force created a bronze pilot Replica Rolex out of the ordinary way. Real power of large bronze fly is also very popular, this year really force pilots series special edition timepieces deduce the flavor restoring ancient ways is very perfect, rich onion is hit to cause let a person cannot ignore head crown, pilots and convenient in the case of wearing gloves.
The 45mm super – size and super – night light display design ensures the best readability. The bronze Replica Rolex shell is coated with a layer of natural old finishes and a unique retro style. Titanium Replica Rolex the back engraved with the pilot characteristic echo the real power of aviation instrument marks, disk of EXTRA SPECIAL words and SPECIAL oily USES strap illustrates this bronze big fly apart.
Bellis Bell&Ross-BR01 SKULL BRONZE wristReplica Rolex
When it comes to the most personal bronze wristReplica Rolex, it’s true that it’s a very real thing, and many people will probably be horrified at the first glimpse of the visually striking skull on this BR01 dial. To faithfully reproduce the 1944 paratroopers spirit and its badge, brand creative with the aid of bezel and screw make up with the past are very similar to the pirate flag the sign of the skull and cross bones, clockwise and minute hand also blended in other traditional military elements – daggers and knives, reconstructed the airborne troops fearsome “Death from above” heaven Death badge.
The surface of the case has also been specially added to the process of microjet processing, creating a rough texture to increase the area of air contact in bronze and improve the oxidation effect of the case. At first, the copper tin alloy was a kind of pink or red gold, and over time, it appeared with a bronze green, with a specially made leather strap, which has a rich retro flavor.
Summary: know the existence of such a special bronze watch is later, I joked with friends buy bronze watch can also patience ah, training new bronze watch is very beautiful, but more likely future after oxidation flavour, want to know how special it later how beautiful, had his temper resistance etc etc… However, there are not many varieties of bronze Replica Rolexes, and the output is small. Many of them are still limited, and they are still rare, and the people who like them have to look at the fate. What does your bronze look like?

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