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In 1957, an ultra-thin wristwatch was an accident that upended the definition of elegance in the tabulating world. It has never seen a thin crust, combined with a simple dial, it has made the elegant and implicit appearance. The slim watch comes from the count, and since then, a generation of legendary replica rolex  watches have been born, and they have become the temple of the tabulation industry.

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The count was founded in 1874 in the Swiss Jura mountain region of the Perseus, which is an unquenchable affair with the ultrathin form. Beginning in the 20th century, the earl was active on the list of suppliers’ products as an expert in thin parts. Sun Hualun too, the earl of founder (Valentin Piaget) brand in pursuit of the perfect family tradition and bold innovation, tabulation world super movement revolution in 1957, 9 p manual chain on ultra-thin movement on the Basel and horological exhibit stunning appearance, its thickness is only 2 mm, elegant shape and structure, the remarkable performance, and reliable performance, popular with people from all walks of life. The surface of the surface with the 9P core has a diameter of 20.5mm in diameter, a new form of aesthetics, and a smooth, beautiful and thin exterior.
Three years after the launch of the 9P, the earl introduced the 12P core in 1960, creating a peak in the history of ultra-thin cores. The automatic chain of ultra-thin movement is only 2.3 mm thick, with 24 k gold eccentric type micro automatic pendulum tuo, break through the limit of thin, play balance spring clockwork box chain on the best of power. In April the same year the Geneva Journal Journal DE Gene ̀ ve “published an article 12 p movement wrote:” the past, create a 2.3 mm thin automatic chain machine core is simply a fable. Earl in the Jura mountains area fairy slope of the whole research and development team to write down your own legend tabulation history chapter, continue its innovation spirit, promote TAB industry pioneer technology research and development, is worth proud of.” After that,

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The count also set the direction for the two cores, using the 12P machine for the men’s watch, while the 9P core was loaded with both men and women’s wristwatches. The earl’s ultra-thin Altiplano series was used in 1960 as an advertising slogan for the “global elite watch”. The earl then applied gold and platinum to the ultra-thin case, and put the ultra-thin wristwatch design to another new level. The platinum and yellow gold watch rings and ears are decorated with the delicate “Clous DE Paris” Paris tacks or diamond ornament. Whether in the 1970s in a double-breasted suit, a wirepiece in a briefcase, a passenger plane to New York City’s business talent; Or dismiss the grandiose new generation of gentlemen, the earl’s slim watch is an indispensable accessory. In pop culture is popular at the time of the count more rendering hard ruby on the dial, tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli, coral, malachite, onyx, and the colorful color of jade.
The earl superwave Altiplano is named after the mountains of andes, which rise from the top of the clouds, and the landscape of the mountains, which is a perfect echo of the natural beauty of the watch. Over the course of 60 years, under the creative infinite dial and the surface of the watch, the thin, thin core of the machine has a graceful and sharp line, which highlights the unique style of the count. The earl of ultra-thin wrist watch is a symbol of watchmaking height of classic craft, reflect the harmonious proportion of unique, pure and flawless appearance low-key simple elegant temperament. The exquisite aesthetic of the large dial continuation of the case is embodied in the eternal simplicity and elegance. Single, double line, the standard alternated with each other, the line is long, extremely low-key and attractive. The thin bottom of the button is marked on the back and forth, echoing the understated aesthetics.
Earl ultra-thin watch with perfect ergonomic design palette, intoxicating charm in a second, agencies compete to follow the contracted style and connotation, successively by the early 1960 s the French star and tidal current model for Alain Delon (Alain Delon) and new earl global brand ambassador Ryan Reynolds (Ryan Reynolds) wear, perfect deduce wrist elegant temperament.
Watch of wrist of the earl of ultra-thin shape, although it acme contracted, cleverly hidden clock exquisite technics, including corrugated ring Geneva act the role of grain, chamfering table bridge and annular corrugated bottom plate and blue steel screws. From the initial development to polishing, the Altiplano wristwatch is made from every production process in the brand’s advanced tabulating workshop. The workshop brings together a variety of watchmaking techniques to ensure that the earl’s excellent tradition continues.

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