Wearing this “watch” will not be afraid to look at the menu

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AirTrans is a wearable translation device that can be used on the wrist to translate text through a laser pointer and doesn’t need the Internet at all. Cheap nixon watches is also very fashionable in 2017.

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In an era of global integration, it is no longer a big deal. It’s convenient not to sign up for a group, or to prepare yourself for a little bit of freedom.

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However, if English is not good, the freedom is still a bit hard. In fact, one of the most difficult things to do is to order a restaurant in a foreign restaurant.

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Mobile translation software, you might say, but what if there is no international traffic? Not everyone will have a wi-fi.
For this reason, a team in Europe developed AirTrans, an offline translation device, and the best part is its design, which is still very convenient in some cases.

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AirTrans borrows from the design of the watch, and wears it on the wrist to scan the words on the paper or the LCD screen and translate it in real time to the translated results you want.
So how does AirTrans locate words? This part is also very interesting, is to use the laser spot positioning, will point to the word “red dot” (general distance of about 4-5 cm), 2-3 seconds the screen can show the translation as a result, is very convenient.

It is worth mentioning that AirTrans is a completely offline (local) translation equipment, storage capacity is very large, initial built in eight languages (including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian, etc.), the user can also through the micro USB interface to connect the computer to download to language.

The AirTrans has a 300mAh battery, which can be translated for 3,000 times and is able to automatically shut down the power saving due to the power of the black side LCD screen.
In fact, the AirTrans was evolved from a handheld translation device that was similar to a stylus and is more suitable for office use. The style of the watch is definitely better for travel and travel. Personal feeling, go abroad to use it to translate the menu to be the most suitable, other translation map, museum data is also very convenient.

AirTrans is priced at $99, and a battery is added to the suit, which is expected to start shipping in December.


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