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Everything starts from simple to complex, and the machine core of a mechanical replica nixon watches is the same.

Now along with the people in the market is filled with all kinds of watch movement, but its basic movement is still so a few basic movement (ETA), the other is based on the processing and modification, and then get some stunt can sold at a higher price. Here are a few details about the most Popular for everybody movement, also convenient after we better choose mechanical watch, not because they don’t understand the movement and cheated.

ETA2892 movement
ETA2892A2 is used by most premium brands today, including IWC, OMEGA and LONGINES. In its Aquatimer submersible, the IWC USES the machine core from ETA2892A2. The IWC not only increased the grinding of the splints, but also changed the size of the wheel, replaced it and allowed it to pass the observatory. In fact, the quality of ETA2892A2, even if it is not polished by a big factory, can only be taught by the ordinary training equipment, and the observation of the observatory is a trivial matter.

It has often been well-known brand with prices in the more advanced Watch style, especially the observatory Watch (Chronometer), even ranked among the top Watch of some brands also use it, just work more exquisite burnish, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, or replacement for K gold or white gold plate automatically. And 2892 is all master clock recognized as one of the most excellent and sWatch model ETA, with ring type balance wheel, 21 stone, two-way automatic chain, the vibration of 28800 times per hour, “spinner” eccentric screw, facilitate precise fine-tuning. Because the quality is good, as long as the slightly modified, can be transformed into a well-designed movement, even the recent hot OMEGA coaxial to longitudinal Watch is also the plant on the basis of 2892 improved into 1120, again make modification of machine, in addition to the escapement system is different, how fast is the responsibility of the balance wheel inside two heavy screw to make adjustment, OMEGA number 2500, ruby number from 23 to 27, 1120 for more than four are respectively mounted on messenger, balance wheel and driving wheel (2). As Athens Watch (ULYSSE NARDIN) hour meter trilogy astronomic watch set with 2892 as the basic movement, also become a super small and complex astronomical wrist watch, is one of the major of Athens Watch the greatest.
The seagull ST18
ST18 ultrathin series machine core, currently only ST18 in this series is a movement model, the movement is now the seagulls movement better, in the 2892 movement is a famous seagull generic ETA. The overall effect is high in accuracy, but it also has a problem with the inherent problem of low string efficiency (as in the case of ETA). The strength of the ST18 machine core is thin, accurate and sWatch.
ETA2824 movement
Usually just contact mechanical watch Watch, the earliest known or used to the movement of nothing more than ETA2824-2 and 7 s26 seiko, including ETA2824-2 not only stability, high accuracy, also has the function of hand refining, although so prices higher than Japan movement, but in terms of various aspects, is still a new choice to get started. Same with ETA ETA 7750 as a 2892 – A2, ETA is one of the triple gem (another 6497, 6498 series also has a catch-up momentum in recent years), but the price is low many, so many fake watch and the so-called Taiwan, Hong Kong tabulation, also adopts this movement, too the result of the flood, many people just hear ETA2824-2 a revulsion, and ignored his good nature.
If the ETA2892A2 is for the high-end market, the eta2824-2 is designed to cater to the mid-to-low-end market. The eta2824-2 structure is slightly thicker than the ETA2892A2, which is simpler than the ETA2892A2, and three screws fixed to a single screw. This approach has allowed the eta2824-2 to have no shortage of defects.
ETA2892A2 and ETA2824-2 has occupied the Swiss automatic Watch three needle more than half of the field, the ETA in the struggle and numerous produced movement has more advantage and interest. Actually structure ETA2892A2 and ETA2824-2 are carefully compared, the latter is a simplified, so here’s the cleverness of ETA – simplify simply will not need to keep improving, to reduce cost, to drive the price down. The ultimate purchase of which machine will depend entirely on the company itself.
The higher levels of eta2824-2 compare with eta2892-a2, which is comparable in all respects, and the performance of eta2824-2 is pretty good. But design itself is a large number of production, more or less in the parts and the details of the substrate processing, also can appear to let a person of weakness, but because of their price positioning, so ETA 2824-2 are mostly appear in low price watches. So at a reasonable price, with ETA 2824-2, I think the fans will be very good, not just a criticism.
The seagull ST21
The seagull ST21 machine is a replica of the Swiss ETA2824 machine, which is not a regular design time, but many technical problems are also completed this year. ST21 has been on the market for a while, but the speed regulator was unsWatch and the calendar was thick and caused problems for him. A few years ago the factory endeavoring degrees pr the last successful listing, series of movement, from the current situation of this movement stability, accuracy and quality are very, very good. The flaw in ST21 is that the core itself is inefficient, but it doesn’t matter in practice.
ETA6497 movement
Unitas classic products, 6497, after the buyout by ETA naturally ETA, as in the 80 s that the Swiss suffocation quartz after the storm, 6497 to become the final residues of large size pocket watch machine core, at the time of the environment, to 6497 a place, the reason is that it’s too big. Feng shui turns, 6497 has its own spring — the big watch comes in, and the size of 6497 meets the needs of almost all the big ones. 6497 because of big, structure is reasonable, so surprised again on accuracy, although only 18000 a/H of low frequency swing, but it can be easily through the COSC attestation, the numerous small high frequency movement out of the water.
A lot of people are saying that the hand scroll is the ultimate goal of the fans, saying that only the hand roll is the most direct communication between the person and the Watch. The 6497 that used to be a pocket watch machine is really big, and it gives us the beauty of the big performance, 21600A/H and the large wheel. Panerai has two completely different techniques for polishing the 6497: the first is to carve the words Panerai on the board, and the second is the use of regular Geneva stripes. Compare these two different treatments, which are more unique.
There is also an iron bar for OMEGA, which was designed for railway workers, a wristwatch designed for accurate timing. Big watch case is loaded in 6498 movement, 6497 twin brother – just small changes have been made in the position of the second hand, the original nine point second hand to traditional six points of the second hand instead. And also in 6497, a German Watch it is D.D ornbluth&Sohn, it is based on modified 6497, main is to use the 6497 Gear Train driving wheel system, combined with the germans for special grinding machine core, show the completely different styles in another way: pink 3/4 plywood, steel exposed on the chain wheel, blue steel screws of ruby bearing, increased on the balance wheel aligning with the adjusting screw – all the more beautiful.
The seagulls ST3600
The ST3600 series of machine core models are divided into two ST3600 and ST3601. The core is a replica of the seagull’s imitation ETA6497 and ETA6498. The core structure is simple, the assembly is easy, the stability precision is the characteristic of it. Because it is a pocket watch machine, the size of the watch dial will increase accordingly. The ST3600 structure is simple and the size is large and easy to assemble. Its advantages are stability, accuracy and durability.
ETA7750 movement
In the history of the ETA, well core, ETA is – 7750, formerly known as Valjoux7750, belong to Valjoux company and one of the most famous timing system core, since Valjoux buyout by ETA, the classic Valjoux7750 will naturally renamed ETA – 7750.
The Valjoux 7750 was published in 1974, and it was originally designed for 17 stone before it was changed to 25 stone. After the acquisition of ETA in the 1980s, few people have used the term Valjoux, unless it was used in the 1980s before it was acquired. ETA 7750 was born on July 1, 1974, and has become a proud machine for ETA, which has been seen for many years in the automatic chain timing and complex functions of brands. Standard 7750 with 17 rubies, energy storage, 42 hours at 28800 vibrations per hour, one-way chain design, use the same as the principle of eccentric screw pointer fine-tuning device with calibration instructions, eli fine-tuning operations. Some people say ETA – 7750 is a rotten wood. Don’t know why do you say that, from the technology level 7750 is broad for attentively, but a truth is the same: simple and durable, is reliable and durable. The ETA -7750 is such a timing machine.
The ETA -7750 is a one-way chain, and I don’t know why ETA has never changed it in both directions. Some friends have discussed the idea that “one-way is more efficient than two-way.” Until now the theory of this conclusion has not been understood. In fact, the problem of the inefficiencies of ETA 7750 is well known. Sometimes it’s a good thing to get something out, but it’s a little awkward.
The ETA – 7750 USES push-rod timing structures, simple, and easy to maintain. Aesthetically, of course, there is no comparison between the Lange 1001 (which is the same as the one with SANTANA) but the timing is one of the best. The entire clock industry should be thankful for the presence of the ETA 7750, because it allows more Watch factories to produce timeWatchs. You can eliminate all the costs of your own time core. In addition, everyone knows that even if you throw money in it, you won’t be able to make a more durable time core than the ETA 7750. It’s the best strategy here.
What is the easiest way to identify the ETA? 7750? At 6 o ‘clock, 9 o ‘clock, 99 percent of the 12 o ‘clock small plate is ETA minus 7750, but that can’t be reversed, if a watch isn’t 6 o ‘clock, 9 o ‘clock, a 12 o ‘clock small plate, you can’t say 99% is not ETA minus 7750. It’s like a “transformers”, and its advantages are not just for durability, but for change. From two small plates to three small plates to four small plates, you can change from ETA to 7750. It’s like the IWC change to 6, 12 hour.
Shanghai 7750 machine core
Shanghai homemade multi-function run seconds movement produced after carved machine, various technical indicators is the ETA and name SA 7750, Shanghai watch estimates as a big enterprise estimates also not too not bashful say something more, after all is the cloning of the technology of others, also don’t have much to say. Movement can make machinery multi-function ran second function has a lot of, but for now, the most excellent domestic belong to Shanghai and dandong two, while Shanghai is initiated first and rifle carved abroad as a famous big manufacturer namely complex movement precedent (ETA SA) semi-finished product, of course is also a career-best become one of the best domestic do, the movement of the physical size and ETA SA 7750 exactly. Including the pendulum and the relevant power system, in theory, the case for ETA SA 7750 can be installed in Shanghai 7750. But Shanghai’s 7750 energy storage, as well as the durability of the stability and calibration, and the quality of the small second and the ETA SA 7750, are clearly inadequate. But its price is low, and the choice of many brands and modelers, of course, depends entirely on the later calibration.
West iron city 9015
Miyota, a maker of white space in the western iron city watch, was founded in 1959 as one of the world’s largest blank watch manufacturers. One of the highest 9015 movement is MIYOTA price products, from its published performance data 9015 is quite close to the Swiss manufacturing machine, but there is much difference in price. The 9015 machine has a stop-second function, which pulls the shaft out and stops the second hand. When holding the needle, pull the handle shaft to the second position, and don’t use tweezers to push the needle, as with MIYOTA’s quartz machine. The 9015 has a different form of transmission from the existing 82 series of mechanical machine hearts, with very little sharing of parts. The series 82 is to remove the second wheel from the center and place the wheel flat in order to achieve its beautiful appearance. It is suiWatch for a full-cut watch. The 9015 is very thin and the parts are very delicate and tightly coordinated, which is suiWatch for the development of multi-needle or multi-functional cores.

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