How to choose 3 kinds of rolex DJ watches When published the new 126334/126300

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We Don’t know what rolex watches will show this year.It has the release of the arrangement, so delayed. According to the laws of the rolex past, rolex has launched using the new 3235 movement between gold gold 126333, platinum ring model and all steel model should be away. Even if not this year, two years will be out. It is Sure enough,rolex issued using the new 3235 movement of 126334 and 126300, and I want to, to discuss with you the DJ in this year’s Basel watches show.

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And this year the Basel rolex watches shows the scarlet letter issued by the tangent beady eye sea dweller. “color jelly beans” yacht compared these super hot new watches. Using the new 3235 movement DJ is not too conspicuous. During the show, maxed circle of friends is rolex super popular models. New DJ almost no attention. But I know, for me, for a large part of the players, the super hot no matter from the current rarity of rolex, the degree of impact on or mark-up, ordinary players is difficult to buy. For large Numbers of ordinary players, the new platinum ring/all steel DJ, is more practical, the actual purchase meaningful rolex. From this perspective, 126334 and 126300 is the year’s most important rolex. Rolex is also the most worth buying.rolex dj watches

Rolex 2017 new DATE JUST 41 mm 126300
New rolex DATE JUST includes two main models, are respectively 126334 platinum ring teeth steel shell and aperture of all steel 126300. In these two kinds of watches model includes package below to drill the style of the calibration model (no change). According to the rolex DATE JUST the main three kinds of gold teeth between gold, platinum gold, the aperture between teeth all steel, now the DATE JUST update completely, using all the new DATE JUST 41 mm has a new generation of 3235 movement (DJ also includes full gold model, in this moment not cover). According to the rolex DATE JUST configuration, gold gold 126333 configuration between the highest and bezel, crown, the intermediate link is K gold, the highest price; Platinum gold between 126334 dog tooth ring is of platinum, other is steel, the price in the middle position; 126300 list of the aperture ring, watch case, chain is steel, the lowest price (aperture are eternal rose gold version). Newly released this year between platinum gold rolex 126334 and all steel to further reduce the price of the new DATE JUST 126300. Along with the DATE JUST full range is updated, it has not any uncertainty and concerns, I think now it’s time we consider continue to buy the watches.

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Rolex new DATE JUST 41 mm 126333
After the advent of new 126334/126300 rolex, the rolex on market DATE JUST the pattern of the change. The DATE on market JUST is divided into three camps.
The first camp is the use of a new generation of 3235 movement of 126333, 126334, 126300, 41 mm rose gold is between (126301). The three new DJ has just come out, into the rolex stores. Because just released, enter the number of the secondary market is limited, into the shop, according to the wages to buy watches, the price is higher, there is no advantage on the price. But a new generation of DATE JUST has the most perfect in the DJ area proportion, pointer, dial, watches circle, crown, size proportion coordination, perfect, unparalleled. A new generation of 3235 movement has obvious technical advantage, regardless of including CHRONERGY escapement, technical details, also don’t talk about ball bearing automatic tuo and pin rod type, the difference between a single 70 – hour power to more than 70 lots, this is we can see, feel, tangible advantages (after all, 3135 are now + / – 2). With our most familiar words, early buy and enjoy, but early enjoy it must spend more money.

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Rolex new DATE JUST 41 mm 112633 packets of drill version
Rolex new DATE JUST 41 mm 126301
The second camp use 3135 movement is a generation of 41 mm DATE JUST II, 116333, 116334, 116300, etc. For using the 3135 generation of 41 mm DJ two points I want to say. First of all, the rolex in order to follow the tide of large watches, launched a 41 mm DJ. Some players of the last generation of 41 mm DJ opinions are mainly concentrated on the scale. Because of increased from the original size 36 to 41, watches circle, pointer, the size of the crown ratio some players think that there is not harmonious. Such as the pointer feel short small circle, watches width, crown. This problem before and 214270 for a short (think watchcase, pointer), depends on how much people like it or not. The second point I want to say is, although there are some players that there is not harmonious, but this does not affect the 41 mm DATE JUST II value. The last generation of DJ II price is not cheap, the secondary market price is not low. Especially between gold 116334 between 116333 and platinum gold, I feel over a period of time the price and some go up 116300 relatively cheaper (aperture). Defiant, even if there are players think not perfect place, but increase the absolute increases the size 41 mm DJ II sense of luxury, spacious bright dog tooth very luxurious, swatches prices don’t fall or accept that many more.
Rolex on generation using 3135 movement DATE JUST II in 116333, to 116333, this article I intentionally use is rolex website pictures, but the DATE not JUST II, because the website has not this type of DJ.

Third camp is to use the 3135 movement DATE JUST 36 mm, 116233, 116234, 116200, etc. I always think 36 for rolex is a amazing size. If in other brand watch, 36 with now must be small. But the theory does not apply in the rolex. 36 mm is a classic size of rolex, 36 mm DD, DJ has a perfect area ratio. As western clock lovers view, now the latest generation of 126333, 126334, 126300, 41 mm DJ is actually amplify the whole 36 mm DJ perfect proportion. Because of 36 mm DD, DJ uninterrupted, continuous production has never changed, 36 DJ instead is that I think can always buy the model. As long as you to fit don’t think small. I saw a lot of 36 mm DJ in shortly before sale, quantity many, price is not high, I was thinking, this is how to return a responsibility? Don’t is 36 mm DJ began clearance? DJ is 36 mm in this year, we will have new action, old models have started to sell? After the Basel on show, however, rolex and without any action on the 36 mm DJ. This year, 36 mm DJ seems to still can buy.

Rolex 36 mm DATE JUST 116200
Rolex 36 mm DATE JUST 116234 packets of drill version
Rolex 36 mm DATE JUST 116233 packets of drill version
In the old and new alternate period, facing the three DATE JUST how should we choose?
Rolex this year a new super hot type I in addition to pay close attention to how much money could wages after this, other I also did not concern, because attention also useless, attention can buy. But the new 126333, 126334, 126300, is worthy of attention. On the one hand is the new 41 mm DJ changed a new generation of 3235 movement, I also want to upgrade from 3135 to 3235; On the other hand, there are now some 126333 to enter the secondary market, how to the performance of a new generation of DJ, needs further observation.
Now the reality is that use 3135 movement of 41 mm DJ II has shut down, labor noncommissioned officers have no this type of watch online. But in the secondary market has a large circulation of DJ II; The new use of 3235 a new generation of 41 mm DJ in stores began to replace the DJ II, a small amount of 126333 and 126333 packages of 2 class market to drill model; Using the 3135 movement of 36 mm DJ in rolex stores found in large Numbers, and the secondary market.
Rolex new DATE JUST 41 mm 126331
The last generation of 41 mm DJ II has been replaced, but the number of secondary market, and the price is not low. Some new a full set of 41 mm DJ II I think it is more expensive, especially in 116333. So now rather than to buy DJ II wait for a new generation of using 3235 DJ, 41126, 333, 41126, 333. 126333 no matter in the store or have a secondary market, the price of some high though, but after all is a new generation, spend some money is worth it. And white gold ring and all steel 126334, 126300, has been on the road, even if a small number of this year, next year will be up, certainly quantity more than one price is slowly and smoothly. You can start at a reasonable price. And instead of using 3135 36 mm DJ I think can continue to buy, for two reasons. One is 36 mm DJ a lot of cheap, small steel lowe buy a wearing play casually, also however, also has a face. The second reason is, now 36 mm DJ in rolex’s website emblazoned, and this year will not do any adjustment. Before I had thought of a few questions, 36 DJ will be cancelled? One can’t think may later. 36 3235 movement DJ will change? Now look at least not this year, next year, said is bad. But one thing is no doubt about it, since the advent of 41 mm DJ, DJ 36 mm value decreased, the secondary market price also in the fall, so interested in the player can buy a play, it looks good to me. Want to upgrade 3235 movement, of course, are not interested in DJ players can consider to hand watch, after back some money, ready to upgrade.

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