Global market of Cheap Replica watches different ecological in the united Arab emirates

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In the Middle East, enjoy a high sales figures of wrist  species diversity. This is because the united Arab emirates
(especially dubai) is a regional center. Welcome visitors from all over the world (China, India and Australia, etc.). At the same time, the population of permanent residents, changing their understanding of the Swiss watchmakers for Cheap Replica watches industry is becoming more and more. It has the breadth and depth.

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Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, inc. (the region one of the main clock distributors and retailers) commercial director Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, said: “the Middle East customers – especially the younger generation – well informed, the eye alone. More or less, consumers tend to choose to see others wearing style, thanks to social media, such as sets, of course. It can also occur in visit Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons after store. To some extent, dubai watch weeks for lovers and tabulation brands – especially the independent brand – direct interaction of the rare opportunity to help consumer education, make them a better understanding of the industry.” Collectors of independent tabulation brand growing interest
has confirmed his judgment.

Richard mills in RM 11-03 wrist watch
Richard mills enjoys high reputation in the Middle East, here has a large number of super rich and ultra-low weight watches lovers. In the Middle East, Richard mills in RM 11-03 fly back timing clock is the most popular style, the second is RM 035, RM 055, RM 02 and RM 030; Consumer groups for a lady, one of the most popular is the RM 07-01 and RM 037.

The IWC IWC Portuguese perpetual calendar series bi-monthly wrist watch
The region of the IWC IWC customers particularly limited
design, as well as the sign series such as Portugal. Equipped with calendar function and provide seven day power reserve (set-up by a single crown) Portugal automatic watches has become a local collector essentials.
Mr Seddiqi added: “patek philippe, Abby and rolex have their own amateur groups, these groups are still growing. In
general, more and more watch collectors. They according to individual be fond of, choose from think” classic “, “simple” and “sports’ or ‘multi-function wrist watch. For example, millennials like fashion wrist watch, and conservative collectors prefer the prestigious brands.”

Audemars royal oak series wrist watch
Abby, for its part, is one of the most shining symbol of the
brand in the Middle East, as in other areas. Royal oak
stainless steel watch is very popular with men, women tend to favour between gold, gold model is followed.
Breguet watches: best-selling navigation series wrist watch
Treasure ji is not especially popular style, but some models a great success in the region, such as queen of Naples series 8918 paragraphs do wrist gold and rose gold, sailing time series 5827 clock rose gold, classic series 5717 world Replica watches of platinum, and handed down from ancient times series 7097 retrograde small second hand rose gold.The region’s women like to watch, especially jewelry watches. All this benefit to Chopin, for jewelry watches is the pillar of the brand products. Chopin’s best-selling model is a from L ‘Heure du Diamant series of 18 k rose gold wrist watch, Cheap┬áReplica watches of the 21.09 carat diamonds.

The earl of Limelight Gala wrist watch
Earl of some models is particularly popular, in addition to
specially designed for customers with exquisite machinery
building Tradition series, there are series of Possession,
Piaget Rose series and Limelight Gala series. Women, of
course, attitudes are changing, partly because of the brand’s own marketing efforts, those brands are increasingly out of the comfort zone, to adventure.

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