I use my watch to compares new and old standard observatory of Rolex

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At firstly, I wanted to compare new top-level standards observatory of Rolex.Replica Nixon watches reaches the observatory. However, I consider myself just a Nixon, but also a completely absent and Nixon standards currently moon super manually. so he gave up the idea.On the other hand, new bully is full of interest, because the new chun is apparently in the Nixon new flagship model, especially fine dog tooth ring and gossip face ngbot only has a strong color restoring ancient ways.

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It seems to be very luxurious, plus the price is higher. It makes a person enchanted. But, after struggling with some kind of, finally didn’t buy bully, again “to” rolex. This give up bully, for rolex is a use of the new observatory standards. It also gives my rolex to contrast the old and new observatory standard. Rolex observatory is standard error every day before 6 + / – 4 seconds, the new standard is + / – 2 seconds a day.

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All basic factory since 1951, the rolex watches are has reached the standard of the observatory (observatory standard at that time and now is not the same, not 6 + / – 4). By 1957, the rolex think official standard already cannot satisfy the need of rolex, the Swiss observatory rolex when precision is more than the official standard of observatory, so rolex was determined to use their own standards, the observatory is this rolex top observatory (Superlative Chronometer) origin.
Swiss observatory standard adjusted for several times in different periods, from 1961 to 1973 standard is/error – 1 + 10 a day, after 1973, adjusted to now – 4 / + 6 every day. For some reason (mainly Switzerland, France, and Germany (the problem) cause the observatory standard from 1973-4 / + 6 seconds to today has not been adjusted. For the watch, reached the standard of 4 / + 6 seconds is not a very difficult thing (though most of the watch is still not observatory certification). So include a lot of people watch, price has passed the certification of the observatory.

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In order to reflect their own level, and with general brand watch form difference, rolex will top the observatory in 2015 (Superlative Chronometer) standard up to + / – 2 a day. From new rolex DAY DATE 40 (use a new generation of 3255 movement), after all the rolex watches, including female watch, using a stopwatch or 32 xx, xx 31 all reached a new standard error is + / – 2 seconds a DAY. We can see from rolex’s website, all the watches in the column, as precision have all changed to + / – 2 seconds. Although we sometimes walking of the watches with a machine test, although the precise machine, each bearing can very accurate, but the wear on the hand and the real or is there a difference, to fit the measured in walking a lot of time and machine number is not the same. So recently I use three watchs, each only wear a few days, a little comparison. The three watch machine core, respectively, no certification of 2892 observatory, old standard 3135, and 3135 new standard.

Rolex top observatory, also somebody called super observatory, Superlative Chronometer.
The first is 2892. The 2892 is no observatory certification my watch. I feel a lot of factory are like the watch set-up slightly faster, people may feel walk a little faster than walk slowly good. The 2892 is going faster, starting on the first day of the full string is going faster. Watch after a day’s walk, have fast for 10 seconds. Then I wore two days, found that 2892 set-up is quick, in two or three days it’s almost over 10 seconds. Before I wanted to think the feeling of wearing the watch, seems to wear a week, basic error is very big.

The standard version ETA2892
Then I wear the old standard 3135. This watch after factory maintenance once again (I remember the year before), so when maintenance is a set-up. After the full string, went a day, watch is going faster, basic is fast 2 or 3 seconds. In the next day or two watches continue going faster, but walking in every error 6 + / – 4 standard.
Rolex generation classic 3135 movement.
Finally, I put the new standard of 3135 movement, which is after 2015, began to implement new rolex as standard, + / – 2 seconds every day watch. Although we often can see from the Internet, watch each other lovers walking watch case, 6 + / – 4 standard error of rolex also can achieve every 1 second. Real life, but my rolex before no one can only achieve such a high precision. So at first I don’t to the new standard of rolex very hopeful. And I wear rolex, the new standard watch is walking slowly, but never fast. After two seconds, the first day of the slow steady slow for 2 seconds, every day is really within + / – 2 standard, not bad.

Rolex a new generation of 3235/3255 movement.
Because I still have a couple of days ago rolex in rolex customer service and maintenance, so I thought about a small problem. The old standard rolex after maintenance, will achieve the new standard? Proved that the 6 + / – 4 standard rolex after maintenance is still 6 + / – 4 standard, because after the watch back, basic is the appearance of the 3, 4 seconds faster every day, did not go to the + / – 2 standard. Rolex after walking for rolex standard explanation is that the new standards will watch as the + / – 2 standard, but this is an ideal state, in the actual error may occur; Watch for 6 + / – 4 standards, after the maintenance, the accuracy will be improved, walking will tend to be + / – 2 new standard. Facts did as he said.
Rolex from 2015, in order to use a new generation of 3255 movement DAY 40 start DATE, all watches will be error of + / – 2 seconds every DAY new top observatory standard.
From the comparison, I have two feelings and thoughts.
First, if you have chosen to watch observatory version and the version observatory (this usually appear on the populist price of Swiss watches), choose standard observatory, although observatory version will be expensive, but the pay is worth it. Because, even from the above example I can also see, the observatory to standard and no standard observatory watch, there is a big difference between walking. No certification observatory watch, every 10 seconds faster, slower 10 seconds are very normal, and wear a few days later, you can see it from the disk directly watch is not allowed. I have three special tall watch (I can not say brand), two only movement in Japan, one is only 6497 movement. The characteristics of Japanese movement is underpowered serious walk fast, after a few days can quickly out of 3, 4 minutes. The characteristics of the 6497 is walking instability, but basic also tend to go fast. So the relative watch observatory certification is more accurate.
Rolex new green wax tags.
Second, in I had all the watch (not including quartz), including as rolex, and rolex, at the same level and higher than rolex brand. Rolex is a relative most accurate. Watch as one of the most important is swatch, such as slow for 2 seconds, I will slowly every day for 2 seconds. Walking but also for rolex is measured after loading watch movement, so much error, basic how much error. Not like some of the observatory appeared after loading watch movement, error increase. Rolex new + / – 2 standard set I think is very severe. Because no matter watch every 2 seconds faster or slower for 2 seconds, 30 days a month, even if the error of the 2 seconds a day, 30 days just 1 minute error (1 minute error can be seen directly from the disk). 30 days also is the time to turn the calendar. So in the calendar at the same time, adjust the time, by the way. A very scientific error calculation is reasonable.

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