Revolutionary innovation Gao Po fuss mechanical nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology (Mechanical Nano) rolled out, this is a breakthrough technology.they are likely to be completely change our cognitive tabulation of the world at present. Gao Po rich, referred to as “Experimental clock Technology” (EWT Experimental Watch Technology), after 10 years secret research and development, brand finally break through mechanical miniaturization boundaries, and created in 2014 and 2014 first and second prototype form for replica rolex.

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Traditional 3 power reserve movement
The prototype watches for paving the way to mechanical nano new world tabulation industry, watch making a infinitesimal deep field. Through laboratory test, Gao Po fuss in mechanical nanotechnology research made a startling discovery, it possible to overcome the existing space and energy constraint. In clock and watch machine core design out of space limitations, also let us closer to the past for more than two centuries every watchmaker’s dream.

Gao Po fuss less number of parts required mechanical nanotechnology, needs a smaller room, the energy reserves are lower, opened the infinite horizons for tabulating industry. For a watchmaker, (especially want to keep fit the average size of wrist watch case size) the limitations of the internal space of the watch case is constitute the main factors of technical constraints.

Mechanical nano 180 day power reserve movement
Through mechanical nanotechnology, Gao Po rich radically redesign movement, reduce the specifications, reduce energy consumption, just like two centuries ago from pocket watch to the transition of the wrist watch. So far, the kinetic energy needed for the driving mechanism of wrist watch is a limiting factor in terms of creativity and innovation. Mechanical nanotechnology offers the possibility of rich, make the months-long power reserve no longer indulge in fantasy. Technological progress, of course, also brings new challenges at the same time, in the face of challenge, tabulation industry must master certain physical laws had never touched.
Gao Po fuss saw unprecedented create space in this new field and not open mechanical applications, that clock mechanism can be driven by internal airflow movement of energy to be just the beginning, the brand will also use mechanical nano technology to create new complex function.

Air propulsion wheel
Gao Po fuss will summarize the research achievements of first and second prototype watches, in 2017 and 2018, to share the latest research progress on a regular basis. At present, Gao Po fuss is further perfecting the first mechanical nano watches, is expected to be in a week after the 2017 Geneva international advanced clock is great reward (SIHH) on display. There is no doubt that this project is a TAB in the history of a new milestone, it will lay a foundation for a new era of watchmaking.

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