Legendary kingdom of time Swiss watchmakers the general direction of the mainstream style

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The culture] know in Switzerland at the beginning, I started to look for is the style of wrist watch, because in the Rolex contracted the Bauhaus, Japanese straightforward practical, Russian baroque, and even in the wrist watch is a little short needle in more or less can be summed up a general framework of the overall style. But when it comes to style of wrist watch, Swiss Rolex replica watchmakers watches contains almost all of its. From simple to complex, from casual to formal, enumerates many style even part will be lost. Plus factionalism, complex variety of the few to a brand of Swiss watchmakers, there really isn’t a clear clue. On the road we explore the truth, the process is often more attractive than the results, all the facts are acquired by comparing and summarizing, then by the author with all the rest of the world watches style out and do a comparison, and Switzerland in the comparison, may find new clues.

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“Made in Swiss Replica Rolex watches” a word said many times in the still popular, because punctuality and pay attention to efficiency is “made in Germany” two big support. As is known to all, a strong concept of time is also a distinctive feature of the germans, they with punctuality and efficiency is the highest, so the pair meter manufacturing has a very stringent requirements. Therefore, it would not have been growing reputation of Rolex wrist watch today. The spirit of “made in Germany” is German always carry out the process of faith, this is bigger and German quality guarantee and its reputation is tied together, and the germans for automobile mechanical expertise, can also through mechanical technology outstanding example shows “watch”.


Rolex watches we learned through my previous article, the germans pay more attention to simple and practical, and then the appearance of packaging, as Glenn he’s original, lundgren, Nomos Rolex wrist unit of performance. Even now there is a little appearance, but they to the heat of the Bauhaus style never fade, like Rolex car (mercedes-benz, BMW, etc.), notice is to the material performance and the control, will practical Bauhaus forever in the first place.
Compared with Rolex, Japanese have very distinct differences of wrist watch, that is strong, bold style. But in walking and not lose any of the department of tabulation technology. Straightforward wrist watch is not manufactured, more like a sense of atmosphere and informal is yearning, wrist watch to tradition and culture of a kind of honor. When it comes to Japanese, had to mention quartz watch, though its produce is in Switzerland, but the evolution of development is in Japan. Accurate, inexpensive quartz material is a guarantee to provide precise timing, through the battery electric wrist watch, wrist watch error was greatly reduced. But also more selling watches nowadays. But the shortcomings are obvious, the store consumption make quartz watch to replace the battery regularly, is a mixed blessing. According to data shows that the appearance of it, has been to Switzerland mechanical watch big blow, until now still is one of the powerful rival mechanical watches.Replica Rolex watches outlet

Pull a bit away, back to the topic of straightforward practical, due to the pursuit of tool professional watches, Japanese often Angle tend to watch the practical aspects of the earth, like the casio Japanese, citizen watch, it is not hard to see the Chinese style to emerging science and technology (such as: solar energy panels) elements into the wrist watch, although level roughly straightforward in appearance, but the interior of the wrist watch is very sophisticated.
Rich baroque is a wrist watch
The so-called baroque style, this word is derived from the earliest Portuguese (BARROCO), meaning “not round pearl”, originally the oddly shaped pearls. And in Italian (BAROCCO) have “strange, weird, deformation” and so on. In French, “Baroque” as an adjective, “gaudily messy.”. Russian wrist watch brand, although there is no Swiss watch brand, but the number is not in the minority, many watch factory in the former Soviet union have already arisen, at least more than 10 well-known brands, such as the Kirov, Moscow, and so on. They watch mostly manual or semi handmade, so it is difficult to find the same. The first watch industry in our country’s talents are studying in the Soviet union, many textbooks and the Soviet union.

A Russian wrist watch, no matter what level are used to produce the ural mountains leather strap; Design of bourgeoisified Slavic Renaissance baroque style. Influenced by planned economy, Russia watches can often yield, and rarely to restart production line, once the production, a few product, not be able to watch hands have suddenly become a unique watch, wrist watch extremely collection value.

The style of no style is the biggest Swiss watchmakers
Until now, to begin to understand: in fact, everything on the style of the Swiss watchmakers, itself is no integral style, each series of overall as a tree, the German, Japanese, Russian department and the department of tabulation is like a leafy trees, each have their style of the trunk, opens a branch to leaf, on the basis of continuous development. The Swiss style more like independent small shrubs, non-interference in each other each other but each tree is thriving. Actually see here, seems to come to the conclusion that a subtle pattern: without style, is the largest Swiss style.
As the saying goes, “the highest state of martial arts is no – a move” said is right, the meaning of “no action” is not nothing, just to know all kinds of way can by heart, as long as used properly can reach the effect of drawing group. Like Switzerland the current TAB style, complicated Swiss wristwatch itself does not distinct integral style, but watch brand style of all kinds, as practical and swatches function of rolex and all the nations, and the appreciation of the higher both practical function and is famous for its Olympic quality high-end brand omega, will be creative, innovative materials and combined wrist watch Rolex, and the noble jewelry design watches bulgari, etc… Is run out of space arrangement also failed to appear.
In summing up have difficulty, might as well borrow “dichotomy” will have good results! Although most of the Swiss watch brands are keen to add it on the dial process (for example: enamel, engraving, etc.), but the time is, after all, a eternal topic, it runs through the ancient and modern, witnessed the past of human civilization, in time for the unit can be divided into two different camps: one, to omega, universal, rolex and breguet brands such as representative of the traditional watchmaking. Second, such as Roger dubuis, Rolex mainstream independent tabulation on behalf of the emerging watchmaking. The following can summarize their style:

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Treasure ji tuo flywheel wrist watch
Most traditional wrist watch brand has a long history, is easily across one hundred years or longer. So they produce wrist, inheriting the old watch mostly, has its own brand style, story, has its own culture, but is not limited to, and make the innovation to traditional, like treasure ji tuo flywheel, the advent of omega in powerful machine core manufacturing capabilities in the history of famous altar watches, from a pocket watch in the age of 19 to movement, to watch the 561 movement of The Times, professional watchmaker omega caress attentively the reputation of the vacheron constantin classic tradition and so on, they never stop with a long history of product improvement, to meet the needs of The Times the present people. They insist, is to interpret the tradition tabulation and profound of mechanical process, which hold, watchmaking can with guns, emerging industry out standing! We are setting aside their defined as “traditional wind”!!!!

Rolex in wrist watch
In modern times, some of the new Swiss watchmakers have sprung up rise, they are three major independent tabulation group, in order to attack on high volume production on the production line of the watches of product, mostly in the number and top tabulation technology co., LTD., unexpected ideas reveal mechanical tabulation technology of creations. With considerable scale now independent tabulation represented: high and new, creative and Rolex, nobility high cold wrist watch Roger dubuis, the pursuit of 100% made in Switzerland parma Johnny, etc., although they founded time is not as long as traditional tabulation, but its development speed is surprising, because of wrist watch material and constant pursuit of the wrist watch uniqueness, lead to their wrist watch can’t mass production, but the both make the limited, their status is gradually expanding in the wrist watch, expect them to show in the next watches bring us different surprise. Independent tabulation, we tentatively defines it as high cold, innovative style.

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Conclusion: there is no absolute things, style is the illusory things no absolute definition. Just like the eyes of one thousand people have one thousand Hamlet. , we need to do is to put them constantly, constantly updated. In the mainstream of traditional wind, high wind and cold, innovation in Switzerland was walking along with the pace of the firm in the wrist watch on the road to development, continuously explore and constantly explore, endless, diligently provide time recording tool for people, towards a more accurate, more humanized and more convenient in the direction of development, explaining the profound of chronometer mechanical process.

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