Double after injection timing summary explanation of patek philippe and Rolex and lundgren modern double needle timing clock

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As further study of the different types of antique double needle timing movement and Replica rolex watches, so the performance of the modern version? In general, we can apply modern double needle timing wrist watch is divided into two categories, use a control machine, another use of independent movement.

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ETA 7750 double needle timing movement
Modern double injection timing
In the first category, the most popular (and the price is reasonable) modern double after injection timing movement when is the ETA (Valjoux) 7750. The machine designed by Rolex in 1992, the Basel international clocks jewelry collection with the IWC IWC Doppelchronograph double needle timing clock was introduced.

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Before 1992, double needle timing mechanism must depend on two column wheel to operate, this design is expensive, complex calibration. If after needle, for example, the second hand button not push, then around the central gear brake lever may soon to open or close, lead to the column wheel stuck. Rolex solution is simple and effective, as he explained, “like a hamburger, first remove the bread, and then put a slice of cheese, and clip again.” Rolex design does not depend on the column wheel, but based on the 7750, through the lever and CAM system operation, easy to set-up and service, production costs are lower. Compared with antique watch, watch of wrist of double after needle carrying 7750 movement mechanism, can be operated by one additional button in the 10 o ‘clock position.
Habring2 Doppel 2.0 double needle timing clock
And so on, feel like Rolex name sounds familiar? Yes, 2012 (IWC IWC reform movement of 7750 patents expire finally) he established Habring2 company, and by launching Habring2 Doppel 2.0 double needle timing clock. 2012 Geneva senior clock is great reward (GPHG), Habring2 Doppel 2.0 won the best activity.

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The IWC IWC IlDestriero Scafusia wrist watch
For the first time in 1992, the IWC IWC in pilot Doppelchronograph using modified Valjoux 7750 movement. Next, with Portugal Chronograph, iconic leonardo, as well as the recent Doppelchronograph titanium engineers are carrying the same movement. Not to mention the Il Destriero Scafusia – is still the most complex, and the series production of one of the wrist watch.
Constantin and rhyme ultra-thin senior complex timing wrist watch
Patek philippe and Rolex and lundgren modern double injection timing
With that control movement, and then to talk about independent movement, across the boundaries of the $10000, up to the level of the more expensive. Launched in 2015, constantin and rhyme ultra-thin senior complex timing wrist watch, also is the world’s most thin self winding single button double needle timing wrist watch, limited release 10. The watch with a Caliber 3500 movement, diameter 33.4 mm, thickness is only 5.2 mm, from 459 pieces of components assembled, some slender like hair (such as balance spring only 3/100th of a millimeter).

Watch of wrist of patek philippe Ref. 5959
Launched in 2005, patek philippe Ref. Watch of wrist of 5959 p, carrying the brand’s first fully independent CRH 27-525 PS timing movement. Five years later, patek philippe and release carry with movement of Ref. 5950 watches. CRH 27-525 PS is a single button double needle timing movement, function and basic version Valjoux 55 VBR movement. Until 2015, patek philippe launch double button double needle timing clock – Ref. 5370 p, pick up after a little modification of CRH 29-535 PS independent movement, the movement had previously restricted to Ref. 5204.
Lundgren Double stainless steel Double needle timing clock, the Split in 2013 at Christie’s 461000 Swiss francs
Of course, we also cannot ignore lundgren. Lundgren Double Split is mechanical tabulation history’s first has a Double needle fly back timer timing stopwatch function. Its unique integral plate device, the breakthrough after injection timing stopwatch the 60 seconds time limit, record the time interval can be up to 30 minutes. In addition, lundgren also

Lundgren 1815 double needle calendar timing clock
These watches have in common? They not only carry elegant movement, equipped with precious watchcase, more favored by collectors popular and valuable. “The cheapest” lundgren Double Split platinum watch auction completion price to $90000, rose gold new retail price of $128400. Rolex? Us $369200. Patek philippe 5370 p? Us $249200. These watches can not mediocrity, for the customers, of course, is not ordinary collector.

PS movement Caliber CRH 27-525
In a more fundamental level, most of the above watch application of precious metal, which conflicts with movement function designed. And other complex functions, such as the different phases of the moon and calendar, after injection timing means to take an active part in, according to the need to use. In many advanced complex functions, in terms of positive interaction, only three can ask time and double after injection timing. Many antique double after injection timing clock is designed to function – horse racing, car racing, or air – means that the watches primary will be on the track or helicopter to wear and use it, there is a risk of dust, dirt and damage, and antique double timing clock is mostly used stainless steel needle, rather than the quality of a material soft metals.

Patek philippe Ref. 5370 p double needle timing clock watches
To some extent, if you choose a modern double needle timing clock, many people would prefer the IWC IWC Doppelchronograph and Harbring Doppel 2.0/3.0, not simply because of the design concept of the wrist watch fit more to the invention, but also the positioning is that they are more likely to achieve expected value.

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