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As a Replica Rolex watches enthusiast, I’m not a senior, but also seen, know some, on clocks and some hobby friends to chat, have a good harvest. The circle of the clock said it’s not a big, said small not small, from the prosperous and stable domestic clocks market over the past few years, I deeply realized the domestic watch markets mature, more and more people understand the table, and rational consumption, followed by, earlier play table of veteran players, to play the antique rolex, ask a pocket watch, enamel, some partial early, such as Lemania timing table, others play up the little-known independent tabulation.

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Speaking of independent tabulation, PP, Swiss replica rolex, Abby is independent tabulation, but I want to say is more small, features more bright independent tabulation, they a year of production could only dozens of pieces, a team a total of more than a dozen people, however, the scale bigger also dozens of people, hundreds of production. But these independent tabulation, let me see the true charm of the mechanical tabs, I will they roughly divided into two groups – the traditional beauty and surreal.

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Swiss classical master rolex watches
Marco Lang is a standard form of Swiss classical master, he and Mirko Heyne co-founded brand Lang & Heyne sigg’s prestigious, Mirko Heyne’s Marco father’s big disciple. Marco’s father Rolf Lang worked in clocks and watches of dresden salon for 20 years, it’s a long tabulation trainer, Marco onto the road of tabulation is under the influence of his father, in case he’s learning metal processing, machinery process and tabulation, after return to dresden operating clock repair and tabulation.
Because of some business reasons, Mirko Heyne soon after he left the brand creation, has always been Marco as Lang Lang & Heyne central figure, he receives the personalized, handmade, traditional laid the tabulation of the brand is the most important concept. So each Lang & Heyne wrist, is full of Swiss tradition tabulation of the elements, at the same time, the traditional personalized design. His movement using the characteristics of Swiss 3/4 plywood, but not exactly the same, in order to make the gear and get more show movement operation, what did he do to 3/4 splint some processing, carve canceled many Replica Swiss rolex watches, but is still a 3/4 structure on the outline.

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Lang & Heyne are favored by collectors, completely because Marco for wrist watch classical aesthetics and insist on quality. Marco tabulation team a total of more than 10 people, however, but the appearance of the watch and more than 95% of the movement is produced, on the one hand, can be more independent design and enjoy the process manufacturing parts, on the other hand is also not too good looking for third party suppliers, they yield only dozens of year, quantity is too small for suppliers, and Swissy itself this sophisticated parts supplier is not much. Lang wrist transmission gear, use made of 18 K gold, think globally, so delicate and costly material, very few, it also inherits the pocket watch period of top-quality pocket watch the tradition of using K gold gear. At the same time, Marco also stick to the traditional Swiss tabulation of many representative elements, such as balance cock manual carve patterns or designs on woodwork, blue steel screw sleeve, gold and so on.

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Because Marco itself under the influence of Swiss tabulation, Swissy advanced TAB in the early lundgren brand founder single-handedly prop up, his father and working in lundgren, so Lang & Heyne brand, in fact, there are a lot of long shadow, including its watch movement, have very strong lundgren classical pocket watch. Marco like classical watch some of the very fine device, is a landmark, is Lang & Heyne pendulum shaft eye, use lundgren early “1 a” level of high quality watch on behalf of the elements – diamond eye axis, it is not only a symbol of quality, it is also a kind of the embodiment of the aristocracy.
Lang & Heyne table category is rich, in addition to the three most simple needle table, having a unique style, his jump seconds to load constant power plant, when underpowered, wrist watch will no longer jump seconds, but esau seconds walking the way, the wrist power only about six hours, to add on the chain, he also has advanced complex tables, hour meter, etc.
In 2002, the British a very interesting watchmaker debut, he is a senior TAB of a desire, Peter Speake – Marin. Marin to Speake attracted for the first time, was a chance to see his works, moment was attracted by the peach pointer it is typical, and of course it S form of pointer and gear. First, regardless of Speake – Marin wrist craft his own sense of design, had already.

Peter Speake – Marin
Speake – Marin from Hackney in London in 1985 graduated from technical school, went to Switzerland after the typhoon thayer WOSTEP learning complex tabulation process, learning after the completion of the return to London, short in omega and the count in the UK company after a period of time, he feel is not suitable for yourself, then enter the Somlo antique watch shop work, because is responsible for repairing antique clocks and watches, he was exposed to many famous master of works, he has mastered the ancestors watchmaker, many sophisticated techniques for making mechanical clocks and watches, this is he after laid a solid foundation, this for 7 years. In fact, many famous independent watchmaker, nowadays, there are antique clock repair experience, the most typical example is the parma Johnny, due to repair a lot of precious early clocks and watches, they are relatively in graduate school to work in a clock company, for traditional tabulation more experience, they measure the history of the clock with hands.

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Speake – Marin wrist watch
Speake the early – Marin is a pocket watch, completed in 2000, which called the pocket watch Foundation laid the Speake – Marin unique aesthetic taste, later landmark peach needle and sigmoidal gear. (2003) a year after the creation of brand, Speake – Marin original series wrist watch, since then started to create brand watch. And I’m impressed with the earliest, is a Serpent Calendar watch (of course not paragraph which first appeared in 2004), the series table is very concise, even if has a special function, disk also keep clean, then serpentine Calendar pointer let people very move, at 6 o ‘clock position and a s-shaped wheel, turning table back, s-shaped large automatic pendulum tuo, bone QingJi.

Bone QingJi tuo automatically
Once upon a time, some famous independent tabulation people together, Philippe Dufour asked “we and patek Philippe independent brands have what different”, the scene is very quiet, Dufour said “we are alive”. Speake the words to Marin inspired, so he will be the growth of the business as a target, he thinks that “if can’t continue to grow, then we die”, and the innovation which is the best proof of the “alive”. He will company based in Switzerland, but keep in English, at the same time across the watch market, constantly contact collectors and agents, to find the market growth.
In the name of the legendary senior toys — Romain Jerome
Romain Jerome wrist watch
Relative to the first two brands, I wasn’t familiar with Romain Jerome, but it often use some very unique material, is more or less heard. Romain Jerome brand trademark is “RJ”, is very simple but quite a sense of design, the main reason why it is “in the name of the legendary senior toys”, because the brand is the core concept of “legend” DNA, he hopes each wrist can carry “part of human history”, so choose a lot of very special elements, such as the material in the wreck, volcanic rock, meteorites, the moon dust and so on.

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RJ super Mary wrist watch
RJ part of the table (batman, game theme, special material, etc.)
Compared with some traditional style of independent tabulation brand, it is undoubtedly a very avant-garde, from design to technology, fashionable, although it has the look of the table, but it is beyond the form of a table. See it, you don’t have that traditional watch the oppressive sense on the profound historical, cultural, and aesthetic. Actually, want to have a look at some of its table, you can know it more interesting, I like this brand is gradually.
In Switzerland, and in Swissy, Britain, France, Russia, Denmark, Finland, China, Japan, etc., there are some “hidden down”, they have a rich imagination and craftsmanship, they created works let the charm of senior mechanical tabulation further release, regardless of market effect, single clock itself, they watch is obviously more interesting. Chose the three, and one reason is that they will attend the SIHH in 2017.


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