Rolex Sky Dweller calendar watch three innovation technology

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Watch for the average person is still to look at time, so the calendar function is the most valued information attached to the Replica Rolex watch. Ordinary calendar shows all the 12 months of the year as 31 days, so every month, we must be conscious set-up the calendar should be the right shows the turn on date. I work in the wrist watch machine core research and development for many years, design an ordinary calendar display (including a window, a pointer type and large calendar type), the class calendar structure is relatively simple and practical, for no special requirements should be ok.

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I have been involved in perpetual calendar function of research and development, the truth shows that institutions such as the perpetual calendar is a model of complex, among the highest in the mechanical watch out complex function. It can make you very worry, every abortion don’t need your own thinking of the set-up calendar, the somebody else will automatically put the things to do. Only the general set-up of perpetual calendar cheap rolex watches is not literally can achieve, you need to seriously and carefully check specifications, then turn the handle in the very calm head or the press of a button calibration date, must have patience. I started to develop calendar in recent years, through my research for each brand calendar, found that the calendar shows the complexity of the function between ordinary calendar and the calendar, though not perfect, but very practical. I’m here is to popularize the knowledge of calendar related.

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The concept of Calendar (Annular Calendar) wrist watch
Calendar watch calendar organization carry except in February (leap year 28 days, leap year 29 days) need to have a manual adjustment outside bottom, other 7 31 days monthly (January, march, may, July, August, October and December) and four 30 days of abortion (April, June, September 11 month) can be automatically identified. Calendar calendar organization carry, although cannot automatically identify common year February 28, or leap year February 29, but it will by artificial regulation in February to 30, so every year there will be five have 30 days to abortion and seven have 31 days monthly, so regular cycle make originally complex calendar conversion cycle becomes relatively simple, let the designers can be done by simpler institutions than calendar calendar function, at the same time cooperate with reasonable and humanized calibration device, for the general of the wearer, the charm of it seems to be no worse than calendar watches. In addition, because the calendar is can distinguish between the size of institutions, the wearer must know which month of the date at the time, and therefore have a calendar watchess must be equipped with month shows that institutions at the same time. It is obvious that compared with the ordinary calendar, in display to allow the wearer to get more information about time show, it was also one of the strengths of the calendar watches.

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Rolex oyster type motion SKY – DWELLER wrist figure
In 2012, the Basel international horologe exhibition, rolex exhibited new “Sky Dweller (angels)” series wrist watch, the appearance of the oyster type watches with ever so little difference between them, oyster type casing, not gone back cover, triangle grooved bezel (commonly known as the spike circle). With the dual function, these wrist watches and rolex brand in the history of the most complex calendar function caused wide attention. In fact, the “Sky Dweller (angels)” three innovations – Saros series wrist watch with institutions from the calendar month, according to instantaneous jump institutions and circular calendar.

Rolex is the first major innovation technology, gauze Saros calendar
Home of wrist watch editors explain for everybody rolex calendar before institutions, to popularize the common sense – from the Greek, the word “Saros” is astronomical terms, refers to the sun, the earth and the moon about every 18 years will complete a relative position of operation cycle. Rolex why will think of in the astronomical terms to interpret their new technology? Because of the planar layout of the gauze Saros calendar institutions like the sun, the earth and the moon, the relationship between the through the images of metaphor to let everybody can more intuitive understanding of the essence of this technology.
The technical features of the gauze Saros calendar institutions
(figure 1)

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Movement set in the center of the fixed gear 9 is equivalent to the “sun”, rather than with the axis of set the calendar with 31 inner gear ring 1 is equivalent to the pattern of “the earth turning around the sun”. Calendar ring 1 set up by the gear 10 and 11 of planet wheel gear, it is “the moon”. 11 only five gear tooth corresponding with 30 five abortion, this is the key of the almanac institutions; (figure 1)
(2) the appended drawings
The calendar institutions in a miscarriage 30, once every 24 hours in disc 3 drive first date dial head gear 3 b and 11 a tooth in the standby state; (2) the appended drawings
(chart 3)
First head 3 b dial 11 of the gear teeth, because of the gear is set up on the calendar ring 1 11, make calendar ring 1 and the linkage of driven around the 31 teeth of a pitch, the attention, the calendar window at this time has change from 30 to 31. In 3 continue to roll in the process of the sun’s disc, the second date dialed the first 3 a driver drive 1 one of the inner gear ring, calendar calendar makes ring 1 and turned a pitch, calendar window from 31 and is shown as 1, the whole abortion conversion process should be done within the set period of time, this is the core of salor calendar institutions; (chart 3)
(picture 4)
Calendar institutions in the seven has 31 otsuki, five teeth of gear 11 are far away from the first head of 3 b, won’t appear in the process of calendar conversion beat two calendar Numbers. (picture 4)
Home of wrist watch review: new rolex salor calendar institutions according to the patent document should be applied for 2005, that is to say, since the technology of forming to the finished product launch for 7 years, this is the outcome of rolex adhering to the brand concept. Although it seems to me how calendar institutions is not complicated, but for rolex launched in the history of the most complex is very rigorous, after years of research and development to ensure its reliability and stability of the agency, which is responsible for always loyal to rolex watches the crowd.
Rolex second – calendar display institution innovation technology
(figure 1)

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Said in front of the gauze calendar, there is an important month shows that institutions we can’t be ignored, because the calendar institution itself is to distinguish the size of the moon’s birth, if no month, according to the calendar display cannot verify it is which month of the date. Every hour on the watch dial labeled at the top of the window is used to display the month, hour digital instantaneous and has been dubbed the month is really a wise idea, calendar institutions in dark area 32 hours is what we see dial square window displays show in black. (figure 1)
The working principle of a calendar display institutions
(2) the appended drawings
The month for February 30, 41 hours 2 point window is black, calendar ring counterclockwise rotation 10, 20 and 30 calendar ring gear tooth within 31 in the connection state; (2) the appended drawings
The month for February 31 calendar 10 and 20 docking gear ring, ring 10 calendar continues to rotate counterclockwise, gear 20 clockwise rotation drive 30 calendar ring black area
The month for March 1 and 2, 10 calendar ring 20, continue to drive the gear drive calendar ring clockwise on the black area reached 30 hours at 3 o ‘clock the window position; (picture 4)


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