The new 116622 color deepened, charm, rolex 40 mm deep rhodium white model is recommended

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Rolex is the us household names, even if already red for so many years, still have many followers. Replica Rolex¬†watches products has also been a “has a price no city” : the price is not too expensive, but is can’t let you buy. So let people scratching heart liver rolex, also convey revitalize the middle secondary market.

Replica Rolex watches

In this year’s alley and horological exhibit, rolex launched a few flogging a wrist watch.” However, this way to come round, believes that many rolex fans are delighted. In this year are introduced new panda di and air master watches after, next is to introduce the new yacht mingshi 116622 rhodium white model.

Wrist watch is made of platinum quality steel watchcase oyster type, the material is a combination of stainless steel, gold, and white gold or rose gold eternal (because of containing platinum components, not easy to change color, so the name), platinum steel at the same time also is specifically for the yacht mingshi type wrist watch.
Personal feeling, on the design of the shape of the new and the old one is not much change. But larger relative changes is the wrist watch dial, the depth of the new 116622 dial color more. New present a deep rhodium white wrist watch dial, compared to the old, it gives a person the feeling will be more mature and deep.
As for the function of the wrist watch for rolex, it rarely has a complex function is known to all. And the watch will this spirit carries forward the down, there is only one date display.

Although there is no glaring complex function, but the advantage of rolex is often depends on its unique design, and its excellent waterproof technology. The watch, not only has 100 meters of waterproof, at the same time also has a two-way rotating bezel. Although some people say that the technology now use value is not so big, but it is also the embodiment of the technological achievements.

At the same time, and the paragraphs rhodium white listed and blue at the same time, but the individual thinks, although blue is the trend of this year, but the rhodium white model seems to be more to attract my attention.
And watch the price must be your friends are very concerned about the issue, but at present domestic is not very exact message, if you want to buy domestically available in friends can continue to wait for, or direct consultation local distributor or more convenient. At present, the island home priced at 1188000 yen, converted into renminbi is about 77000 yuan, you watch friends can also do some reference.
Rolex hot style is more! Sometimes, rather than to buy less than the old one, try the new, perhaps also will bring different experiences. Labor believe that as long as it is rolex product, its quality is worth trusted.

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