Speed contest Rolex submariner exhibition in Beijing

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Rolex submariner, with a legendary success series, is to the perfect interpretation of speed and racing series. On December 2, namely today, rolex SKP shopping malls in Beijing held a layer of atrium Cheap rolex submariner with exhibition, aimed at the solution caddy get the behind have a legendary story, praise of inspired the design of the watch of the classic interpretation of the love of speed and racing cars.

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The rolex submariner and exhibition activities in Beijing SKP mall held a layer of the atrium, the event, the rolex watch best brand spokesperson, international famous pianist yundi li and other guests on the ground, and for the activities increased the strong artistic breath, the exhibition activities will be continued until December 11, interested friends can visit here.

A layer of the atrium in SKP Beijing exhibition site
Rolex di was born in 1963, is specially designed for racing series wrist watch, relying on its excellent performance, now is the famous in the world and popular timing wrist watch. Di take this is a a beach in Florida, due to the straight and flat terrain, over more than 35 kilometers, so become the speed and the emergence of a racing legend. submariner attracted from all over Europe and the United States take the natural beach track car pioneer in this meeting, soon won the reputation of “the world of speed”.

Racing in traditional submariner beach lasted until the end of the 1950 s, then set up the submariner international track, opened in 1959, this is one of the world’s first super circuit, every year submariner international hold motor racing track, like rolex submariner with 24-hour endurance race exciting, attracted worldwide attention. Rolex watch of wrist of timing the universe 1963 meter type di is named after the track.

Rolex take series wrist watch, in the mid – 1960 – s, became the champion of the tournament prize, in 1992, the event was renamed rolex di with 24-hour endurance race, each January, flock to the racing, many of the world excellent endurance race car driver, rolex submariner with timing wrist watch is still the highest honor.
The meter type di appeared and has more than 50 years, is still in constant evolution, strive to design and manufacture of ideal timing wrist watch, to conform to the concept of brand strive to perfect. In addition to this. Legends tend to super from their creator, constantly continue.

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