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Circulating so a words: “men’s watch, female package” means that people can men from the watches.Her bag to determine a person’s grade and strength. If you wear the same piece of Cheap Rolex watches, each day that you have been behind The Times. With the diversification of business environment, the extension of office have been expanded to the tennis courts.Fitness center, business reception and all kinds of parties. Not only that, in the pursuit of work/life balance, more and more fashionable managers to allocate time to family and leisure activities.Mountain climbing, hiking, hunting, adventure… Different occasions with a variety of wrist watch, not only full of individual character, also represents you to the understanding of the various life forms.

Dress watch, show the elegant gentlemen
The elegance of a gentleman is a kind of by inside and outside of the bearing, watches. The followingwatches not only appearance is outstanding ,but also with a more precision, strong “core”.

A one hundred spirit Breitling for Bentley series
Founded in 1884, one hundred, the spirit to make aircraft hour meter and precise counter of scientific and industrial applications and so famous. “Breitling for Bentley” is the spirit to be a partner with Bentley’s one hundred hour meter series products. In design, bentley control button on the roll of lace design, cutting the dashboard by machines and font design on the watches board offers one hundred spirit designers inspiration; On the function, in one hundred the spirit with proprietary technology, to make this series of timing wrist watch with workmanship, such as “engine” outstanding performance characteristics.
In 2004, one hundred spirit Bentley6.75 and Bentley GT two mechanical watches.

Bentley6.75 besides has the timing mechanism, also equipped with large calendar display window. Through two date display window, ten digits, one is used to display a single digits. Highly complex mechanism to ensure the hour meter is reliable and accurate, and thus obtained by Swiss precision meter when the certification issued by the official certification center observatory.

Bentley GT more compact volume, dial configuration on the timer. To reminiscent of bentley Grand Tourer models dashboard.One hundred spirit fully comply with bentley color used a series of metal color effect. For the first time in the clock. The design of variable speed dial can be read accurately measure speed. Powerful spirit 13 one hundred b type movement also won the Swiss official observatory chronometric certification.
B omega disc fly coaxial watch series

Coaxial escapement system unit is the master of tabulation George Daniel.It developed jointly with the omega 5 years, eventually tabulation technology for mass production. It’s called the 20th century’s most tabulation technology of breakthrough innovation. George Daniel invented by omega coaxial escapement system, longitudinal fork will escape wheel and tackled friction reduce greatly.It make parts to run more smoothly and exempt part of inertia need lubrication problem, and most importantly, the system makes the watch more sophisticated operation, and more accurate.

2004 Basel clocks and watches, omega 35 mm in diameter of disc fly coaxial series of new style. This design is equipped with 18 k red gold line silvery white surface or the steel surface. Like in same disc fly coaxial observatory watches, an automatic timing chain observatory on omega watches movement and wheel timing device, make sure it is accurate, dynamic storage and equipped with 55 hours. Given the manufacture wheel timing device for tabulating the most sophisticated technology, only a few watchmaker has the remarkable tabulation technology and experience, the omega disc fly coaxial timing watch to receive a certificate COSC observatory watches.C in accordance with the degree of watches (EDOX)

The thin series
Switzerland, was founded in 1884 in accordance with the watches, since 120 has been committed to become the pioneer of manufacturing thin watches and model. Clock Basel, Switzerland, in 2004, according to the degree of introduced a dial with hollow out the window of “the thin” series fully automatic mechanical watches. Breathtaking, even including the calendar function, the series of the thickness of the wrist watch is only 1.4 mm. Through this kind of refined stainless steel watch sapphire crystal surface, can clearly see the internal perfection and meticulous craftsmanship and precision complicated mechanical structure.

Sports watches:
Record the lofty sentiments of each moment
Nowadays, professional manager is not only entrepreneurs, but also run the ace of green, excellent athletes, not afraid of difficult explorer… At this moment, a piece of solid durable wrist watch is most convenient in even under harsh conditions, users can also ensure accurate reading time.

A Rolex Sportura
“It is easier to read, more suiwatches for wear, more convenient operation when…” By improving the watches these basic functions, Rolex Sportura was born.
Apart from other watches, is the feature of Rolex Sportura people power timing clock respectively have read pointer to a pointer and timing. And it is the most unique place is through the button on the touch design, and the simplicity of operation, make the wearer even in the dark can easily read. Watch the screw design on the outer ring, make men hale temperament show clearly.

Bohr watches B
Born in 18 _91 Bohr watches (Ball Watch) has been the American railway official standard timing tool. To maintain durable in harsh environment makes it become the explorers of choice. Recently, Bohr watches launched with an innovative professional watch function Engineer Hydrocarbon series, its excellent performance to ensure whether the explorers in where, can accurately control of time: this series of watches is the world’s first can withstand up to 7500 Gs impact mechanical watch; Illuminated the micro gas light on the dial is generally night light 100 times, and sustainable shine up to 25 years; Able to resist the low temperature of 40 degrees below zero; Magnetically as high as 12000 A/m; 300 meters waterproof.

PANERAI watches since 1938 becomes a royal navy permanent dedicated products in Italy. The depth measuring instrument manufacturing, compass, mines, or bottom? Explosive device was the professional background of timer, make it worthy to become the first waterproof military divers watch maker. Since then, pei na sea to the requirements of the product’s reliability, high tech and waterproof function continues today. In fact, watch of wrist of pei na sea 300 meters waterproof and reliability related standard, has become a reference for other brand watch making.
Pei na sea modern series of three famous timepieces, including using tantalum metal manufacturing in the two special watches, and a use Luminor44mm watchcase annual collection watches. It is equipped with high quality chain on manual or automatic machine, precision timing clock movement by Swiss official identification detection, to ensure that its performance is swatches and reliable.
Limited edition watch: collection time
Words are referred to as the “poor play cars, rich play watches”. watches is timing tool, for some people it is crafts and collectibles. Here are a few newly launched a limited edition of wrist watch, will add to your collection gleam.

A new 2004 link tag heuer series
To mark the tenth anniversary of formula one racing driver senna’s death and the relationship with the golf star Tiger Woods, in October 2004, November 2004 tag heuer link series launched senna limited edition automatic timing clock and Tiger Woods is a limited edition of automatic stopwatch.
In senna’s legendary career, speed, and a helmet is the two big logo which never forgets anything. Tag heuer will these two elements into the senna limited edition code watches. This is the first paragraph tag heuer Link series on the bezel design speedometer calibration racing codes, dotted with senna’s helmet colours on the dial. Senna’s logo, color helmet of senna and “LIMITED EDITION (LIMITED EDITION)” words and LIMITED EDITION number is etched in the custom watches back.

Wine red is lucky color Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods limited edition watch dial is positive at the edge of the top of the second hand, the number and the signature of the tiger is the use of wine red, open and easy to read the gray dial adopts the pattern of golf. Engraved a LIMITED edition only behind watchcase number (1-5550), the signature of the TIGER and “TIGER WOODS LIMITED EDITON (TIGER WOODS LIMITED edition)”.

B Rolex BB series
Since founded in Rome in 1884, in today’s world has become one of the three largest jeweller bulgari group. In the 1970 s, pocahontas, the classic Italian style and the integration of traditional Swiss tabulation experience, into the wrist area. The wrist watch completely conform to the design and manufacture and through the Swiss watch industry the most stringent quality standards.

Bulgari recently bought Swiss high-end watch manufacturing striker Daniel Roth, Gerald Genta and related manufacturing equipment to all parties. The acquired company’s high standards of manufacturing technology to further consolidate the treasure to Gary in the watch industry leader status.
Launched in October 2004, pocahontas, Bvlgari, Bvlgari (BB) series the tourbillon limited wrist watch. 38 mm diameter platinum/gold watch case and handmade black/brown crocodile leather watchband collocation, make the wearer hands between the exalted temperament. Through the transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover, you can see Daniel Roth tourbillon movement of 6? Hours of dynamic storage function display. Waterproof depth of 30 meters.

C Franck Muller
Franck Muller BiaoJiang is a rich experience. More than a decade ago he created the eponymous wrist watch brand. Barrel type watches body image and exaggerated digital calibration is Franck Muller brand characteristics and symbolism. Barrel type watches in a global feelings restoring ancient ways.Body makes Franck Muller reputation. Today, while the brand is only more than 10 years of history, but has become a classic watch brands.
In order to consolidate the barrel type wrist watch brand leadership, Franck Muller is currently a total of eight casks dial size. Launched in 2004 and the 10th anniversary of Casablanca limited watches. The design style of the giant surface, than ordinary Casablanca more add the business style.

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